Water fast update day 13! Lives changed, nothing but water for 13 days!

Water fast update day 13! Lives changed, nothing but water for 13 days!

June 16, 2018

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Water fast update day 13! Lives changed, nothing but water for 14 days!

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37 Replies to “Water fast update day 13! Lives changed, nothing but water for 13 days!”

  1. You guys are mentally slow with this water fast i feel bad for you guys but happy that you guys are accomplishing this πŸ€”

    1. Yeah we were a bit slower but it was totally worth it and we are proud of ourselves. haha Much smarter today! lol

  2. Only one more day! Jen is looking slender. be very interesting to find out how much weight she lost. She will have to cinch up her Bikini’s, I’m sure. Exxoman has done most of the camera work, so haven’t seen noticeable changes. Maybe his chest will end up hairless! Being Insulin dependant I would not survive the regimen you gys have been on. I know the results will be great!

    1. Hey Jim! I lost 14 lbs total! Bikinis still fit haha. You actually would survive this regimen and cure yourself of insulin dependence. Of course you would want to do it under a doctor’s close supervision. Thanks for the support! πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks for the “Proof of Life. 14 pounds off Jen is impressive! Exxoman is still in the shadows, just a wisp of his former self; I’m sure.”

  3. Great Job.Β But you look very tired . 14 looks like to much. I have started mine but only going 5 days.Β  Then nourish for 2 days and come back for another 5. Thanks guys you have been a lot of help in plotting my journey.

  4. You guys rock. I tried the whole 30 diet in 2016 and only made it to day 21. Lost 2 inches off my waist, and I was already thin to begin with. I was eating or snacking pretty much all day. Amazing how much carbs and sugar mess with our bodies!

    1. You are so right! I have a workout partner who just did that and had to start eating carbs because she got a “Keto rash”. Interesting

  5. I haven’t heard from ya’ll in 2 days i hope ya’ll are doing ok!!!Please post something soon, ya’ll have me a bit worried!!! Cheers from Texas !!!God Bless

  6. Hope all is well guys! Finished my 14…watermelon never tasted so great! Tears of joy flow when you do something positive you thought could’t be possible! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Guys, this is my 9th day of water fast, but now I am concerned because I haven’t had an update since day 13. Is it that you can’t stop drooling with all that fine food πŸ˜€

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