Visiting Key West Florida Vacation  Pre- 50th Birthday Beach Trip for Farm Girl.

Visiting Key West Florida Vacation Pre- 50th Birthday Beach Trip for Farm Girl.

May 29, 2018

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Heading to the Florida Keys? Looking for an attractions guide? This is a "must watch" video for a glimpse of the town, beaches and Fort Taylor!
For scooters, check out :

Farm Girl and Exoman spent some days in Ernest Hemingway's old town of Key West Florida. Farm Girl loved that this small island town was laid back packed with things to do & see and places to visit, from the beautiful fortress & beaches of Fort Zachary Taylor to the jet ski and scooter rentals off US hwy 1. The magic started to happen the moment the plane landed at the Key West Airport. Farm Girl and Exoman were picked up by Tommy Lee from Sunshine Scooter Rentals and taken to the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel to drop off the baggage. From there they were taken 5 minutes down the road to the rental office where they rented scooters and within minutes were breezing all over the Island. No taxis needed the whole time! The scooters were a blast and easy to park everywhere.

Scooter rental:
If you are looking to rent mopeds, definitely watch Farm Girls heartfelt testimonial about Sunshine Scooter Rentals. Here's the link: If you use a scooter, remember to be safe and go slowly especially at first. VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to use mostly the rear brake and not the front, especially when cornering. Use only the rear break when going around corners. If you use front brake you can easily loose traction and slide your front wheel in sand and crash your scooter. Also lock your scooter when leaving it unattended. Sunshine Scooters have an ignition key-locking steering column so you wont need to carry a cable lock.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park:
Be sure to check out the great video (follow the embedded link) that Exoman made with Fort Zachary Taylor Park Historian, Deadeye Rick. Click here to see that: He gave us a great deal of insight and information on the unearthing, the history and the renovation/preservation challenges of the Civil war era- 170 year old fortress. The park is very enticing as it offers lots to see and do as well as fishing snorkeling and they even have a small cafe that serves food and beverages

Key West is the perfect place for music lovers, divers and beach bums and offers great food and grub at the myriad bars and restaurants that all seem to have that awesome tropical vacation ambiance and layout with all the big open windows and patio areas for dining, drinking and hanging out. If you don't hear a Jimmy Buffet song you know by heart playing at a bar, you'll probably hear him in your head. It definitely reminds you of why he was inspired to finish the song, Margaritaville there! You might not be chewing on spongecake but you'll surely be able to watch the sun bake all of those tourists covered with oil. They come in on the cruise ships. Oh, and don't worry about blowing out a flip-flop and cutting your heal on a pop-top… you can get rainbow flip-flops that last for ages and they really don't make those aluminum pop-tops any more!

Farm Girl and Exoman went to all of the famous spots like Sloppy Joe's Bar, Captain Tony's, The Hogs Breath Saloon as well as the beach bar and a lot of lesser known local venues. Virgilio's, on Duval behind La Trottoria restaurant, had one of the most awesome bands they saw the whole time.

If you like cemeteries, be sure to visit the Key West Cemetery, it is a fascinating place. Farm Girl and Exoman managed to find Joe Russel's tomb. Russel was the founder of Sloppy Joe's Bar and Hemingway's fishing buddy. There are quite a few interesting graves to find there.

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  1. Another awesome video from start to finish.Β  Lots of fun in the sun, a great way to enjoy life!Β  Beats sitting on the couch in front of a flat screen. You both look great working out together!!Β Β  Happy Birthday Farm Girl…..thanks for sharing your Key West adventure.

  2. I feel like I just had a mini vacation, sitting here at my desk. Wonderful!Β Thank you for sharing your trip. What a blast, going to all those cool little places. Exoman, you must be SOOO proud to take farm girl everywhere, just so people can see her. You guys are awesome!

  3. We just uploaded our epic Florida Keys trip video! We will definitely be back for more, just so much to see and explore.

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