Sticking Deadbolt Fix and Troubleshoot – detailed DIY

Sticking Deadbolt Fix and Troubleshoot – detailed DIY

May 1, 2018

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Detailed DIY instructions to troubleshoot and repair a sticky deadbolt.

22 Replies to “Sticking Deadbolt Fix and Troubleshoot – detailed DIY”

  1. Removed lock plate, sprayed the graphite onto the stuck sliding mechanism. Fixed it. Saved me the cost of a locksmith. Thanks!

  2. As far as the graphite, get a powdered graphite and not the stuff he’s using here. No mess, no black gunk and nothing that stains. Just got some yesterday at Home Depot for just over $2, quick and easy fix, it made the key slide right in with no hesitation.

  3. Thank you! The deadbolt lock on my apartment front door wouldn’t retract completely and I was stuck inside. I could turn it only about half way before it would stick and not turn anymore. I tried loosening the screws and wiggling the lock as I turned it just like you instructed. After a few tries I managed to get the bolt to retract completely. I’m free! It’s still sticky so I will probably have the property management replace it.

  4. Thanks so much! My deadbolt had stopped working totally. I tried the graphite and that didn’t help. I was about to take the mechanism to the locksmith as you mentioned but then watched further and tried re-aligning the screws and that worked like a charm! I’m really happy I was able to fix it so easily thanks to your help!

  5. Thanks for showing! $15-20? You have a good locksmith. Mine is 2 blocks down the street and he wanted $100 to come to the house. I took it out and brought it to HIM and he replaced some kind of “D” washer for $4 and I popped it back in, so thanks again!

  6. i have a problem.
    i picked a deadbolt lock andbit successfully picked open and shut for me, however the key doesn’t work in there now :/ OH NO! what do i do?! also other keys aren’t working.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I watched the video and read the comments. I had the same problem as Mike Dunn and reading his comments and watching the video gave me the courage to take apart the whole thing and now my door works again!

  8. Hello and thank you for your helpful video ! I had trouble all through winter and your suggestion of loosening the screws and moving the cylinder abit for better alignment did the trick !! super !!

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