Picasso Story and the Locksmith Business | Mr. Locksmith Video

Picasso Story and the Locksmith Business | Mr. Locksmith Video

April 29, 2018

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Picasso Story and the Locksmith Business | Mr. Locksmith Video

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I was attended the opening of Picasso exhibit "The Artist and His Muses" at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

The other day a customer complained about me picking a lock in seconds and charging her my quoted rate of $95. I then told her thisPicasso story:

Picasso was sitting in the park when he was approached by a woman who asked him to make a portrait of her. He agreed and quickly drew her portrait, and handed to the woman. She was very pleased. β€œWow, this is perfect. How much do I owe you?”. β€œ$5,000”, Picasso replied. β€œ$5,000, but it only took you a few minutes to draw this!”. β€œNo mam”, Picasso replied. β€œIt took me my entire life”.

The Picasso oil on canvas the Bust of a Woman (Dora Maar), 1938 at the Vancouver Art Gallery has an estimated value of $50 Million US dollars.

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7 Replies to “Picasso Story and the Locksmith Business | Mr. Locksmith Video”

  1. I understand where you are coming from, but lets face it. You could probably sneeze on a kwikset and it would pop open for ya. Lol

  2. “Consider the humble hummingbird. Effortlessly it floats in mid air, hovering. Yet it does so by flapping its wings 50 times per second at very precise angles and constantly having to adjust for even the slightest breeze. This is a marvel that engineering masters have yet to comprehend. So always remember: that which looks effortless often takes the greatest of skill and concentration to accomplish.”

  3. I iwsh I thought this way when i was a musician. Years of training and work. Thousands upon thousands of dollats spent on gear, travel, food, etc. Yikes.

  4. I really loved this it really upsets me when customers say it only took you 2 minutes its a very narrow mind. they dont see the big picture

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