Installing a Timer Switch on  a Bathroom Fan

Installing a Timer Switch on a Bathroom Fan

May 13, 2018

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Tired of your bathroom fan running all day. Step by step instructions to install a timer switch on a bathroom fan.

12 Replies to “Installing a Timer Switch on a Bathroom Fan”

  1. I need to replace the back plate on mine. The knob really doesn’t want to come off. Is there a trick to it or do you just pull hard on it.

  2. why not install a new decora switch since your ion the box? looks better…. just my 2cents

  3. You said “The hot wire is where the power comes in.” That is half true. The power “comes in” via the hot wire half the time, and via the neutral wire the other half.

  4. thanks for the video. I’m planning on putting a timer on my fan and an occupancy sensor for the light. I have the double switch like yours, will they both fit? also the toggle switch for the fan will have a ground I don’t need for the timer, do I just cap it off and tuck it in neatly?
    thank you for the video.

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