How to Replace a Door Lockset / Doorknob

How to Replace a Door Lockset / Doorknob

May 1, 2018

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Detailed explanation of how to replace a door lockset AKA doorknob.

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  1. Thanks for 20,000,000 videos that show how to do the most basic thing you can do with no way of searching through it we’ll never figure out how to help ourselves!

  2. sounds like the door knob latch (the part to goes in and out when you turn the handle) is not engaging in the strike (the metal part on the door frame).

    You could try using the old strike and see if it works.

    Otherwise you will likely have to try to move the strike up or down so the latch engages.

  3. would a heavy hardback book work just as well? it seems the woodblock requirment is simply something heavy and sturdy, not necessarily wooden.
    (i’m 21 year old city girl with no handy-role model. you’re giving me the confidence to do this by myself! thankyou!)

  4. The very best video I have seen about replacing locksets. Saved me a lot of time. Thank you.

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  6. Sorry I’m just bored lol figured I’d throw a comment in I’m sure people can figure that out pretty easily…and by the way the way you speak made me fall asleep as I was listening to your instructional video here well thanks Bob Ross thats a happy little door there lol

  7. So, you’re replacing a nice ADA-compliant lever set with these ugly and harder-to-use knobs…? Β That seems backwards

  8. The repair man want to charge me US$70 to replace the door knob shown here.
    I hope I can replace it myself after watching this video πŸ™‚
    Thank you very much

  9. I just replaced the lockset on my basement door thanks to you! It took me 10 minutes. A carpenter wanted $20 to do it, so I am pretty happy I found your video. I live alone and am on a tight budget, so every little thing I can do myself is a help. Thank you again!

  10. I learned from this video in a similar way how Neo absorbed all the information he needed on how to fly a helicopter.

    I change the old rusty doorknob of my girlfriend and both she and her mom were very happy. Later that night, I had one of the best sex of my life.

    True story.

    Thanks for posting this DIY!

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