How to Replace a Deadbolt, detailed instructions

How to Replace a Deadbolt, detailed instructions

May 1, 2018

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Detailed DIY instructions on how to replace a sticky or broken deadbolt.

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  1. Thanks for this. I actually didn’t know about the extended setback on my door and wasn’t aware that the bolt could be adjusted. I was wondering why things weren’t lining up. Seems stupidly easy now, but I never thought to try twisting the assembly!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just bought my first home and I spent hours last night trying to change the dead bolt. I could not make it fit. Did not know I could simply twist it to make it line up with the center of the hole in my door. Guess I was reading the instructions half asleep. But thank you!!!

    1. Eric Jackson…tbis right here just saved me from going ham on the woman at Menards who said my swap of locks would be easy. I have changed other locks with no issue but after 2 hrs I was ready to scream. This tip that the instructions don’t include was a life saver.

  3. Hello, I just installed a Gatehouse deadbolt lock. Everything looks good and seems ok, but the key will only release if it is in ‘locked’ position. Also, once the key is out I cannot turn the thumbturn. Can you advise me? Thank you.

  4. Im replacing a single cylinder deadbolt with a Kwikset model. When
    trying to attach the interior piece(thumb-turn lever) to the exterior
    piece(the key hole side), I can not find the hole with the screw to
    attach the two together. I was able to attach one of the screws out of
    the two. Very frustrating! Any suggestions?

  5. Thank you for making this video and just wanted to let you know that for me it is the best 1 in this category simple and easy to understand. Great job I look forward to see more of your videos. From a 56 year old single woman THANK YOU.

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  7. You glossed over the hardest part at about 5 minutes in. How do you get the long screws into the threads on the other piece? You have to find the holes blind. I’ve be poking and jiggling and twisting for 20 minutes and this is the third DIY instructions I’ve sat through. Any tips or tricks on how to find the holes? So frustrating.

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