How to EASILY UNLOCK your car with Farm Girl! Locked keys in your truck? Watch this quick trick!

How to EASILY UNLOCK your car with Farm Girl! Locked keys in your truck? Watch this quick trick!

May 1, 2018

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USE CAUTION. Wedging can cause damage to vehicle, like bending frame, breaking glass or accidental airbag deployment if not done carefully. Locked your keys in your car or truck? Let Farm Girl show you how to get it unlocked quickly and easily! Unlocking your car is a snap with an air wedge or a pump wedge. Farm Girl is beautiful and amazing and she can do anything!

63 Replies to “How to EASILY UNLOCK your car with Farm Girl! Locked keys in your truck? Watch this quick trick!”

  1. If all the roadside assistance folks looked like this, there’d be way more calls coming in! LOL!

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  2. As an old man trying (desperately??) to look wise, I have a spare car key in a credit card slot in my wallet.

    1. robert miller you my friend must be driving a 87 Dodge Dart.. bc no one now a days could fit a car key inside their wallet .. keys are much different

    2. You can get keys with transducers in them that don’t have the lock/unlock/etc. buttons. Most cars come with a stripped down “valet key” that is missing a cut, so it won’t open the glove box but will work for doors and ignition.

    3. Same for me, I always have a spare in my wallet, now my lincoln navigator have a key pad that work good and a key to start the truck inside (hidden)

      The kit is good to have for people like us who are prepare in the eventuality where somebody need help, not so much for us…. I always have booster cable and stuff in case somebody need help

  3. people are being so rude on here! She doesn’t look bad, and not a lot of women her age, hell, some women half her age, don’t look as good as she does! She has the confidence to go on video in a bikini, so I think it’s great!

    1. I gave her one thumbs up. I would like to see you done it without nicker ill give you FIVE thumbs up with my accounts

    2. She is a hottie!, I’d definitely love if she pumped me first an then unlocked me. Forget the car!

    3. Vani Jay You are foolish and stupid she is doing this to attract male viewers. Not all come to see her some including myself come to see how to open a car door. If that’s your definition of confidence you are more delusional then ever.

  4. I guess she carries her pump wedge, pink wire and pine stick in her handbag or maybe in her bikini.  I carry a spare key in my wallet and never have to go through all this crap.

  5. It’s be a lot cooler if she used her breast as a wedge and tongued the lock.
    But, seriously- who buys those half bed trucks? What do you plan on carrying in that thing- remorse?

  6. good golly i left my pump, wedge, and steel hook inside my truck … i’m spending the night with farm girl

  7. That’s how I dress when I teach seminars or attend hearings.
    That aside, if a person has those items, why not just get a spare key.

    1. Hello Jane Doe, Eugene here. A spare key works just fine on your own truck/car but not on the stranger’s that you want to help. Farm girl has a spare key for her own vehicle, I’ll bet. After my Dodge 2002 Ram PU locked me out, (I got out, shut the door with the engine running) I got a spare key for my wallet. My door has never been the same since a professional used those tools on it. They have you sign a paper saying you won’t complain if they warp your door. You think they know what they are doing but some don’t.

    2. +Eugene Lanzl where does she keep her spare key when wearing a bikini? hmmm. I can think of 3.

  8. 50… What!!! Wow whatever it is you have been doing… Keep it up it has worked perfectly for you.

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    1. I bet she’d do it for free if she thought she’d get more fame from it. lol

  10. generally if you lock your keys in the car you don’t carry all those items in your back pocket, so…..

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s only good if you are at your house. Like they are in this video.

    2. +Jeff T +ace f I was thinking that too! Just where am I supposed to carry these handy dandy little tools? Surely I cannot keep them in my car. Otherwise, helpful info in the video.

    1. tdunster2011 : Yes , and you are out the cost of a new window for the car which is not cheap these days . Even a side mirror unlike the old cars is expensive and you need it hooked up to the power source as it probably has a defroster on it . It would be cheaper to purchase one of the kits this lady has up for sale than doing that + you’d have it for future use

  11. OH…. And you just happen to show up in your bikini?!?! There was time to set up the camera so I am sure you had time to throw on some clothes. I am about your age and I have always had a killer body also but I would not do a video wearing my bikini for the whole world to see unless the time and place called for it. It has nothing to do with being prudish. It is called self respect. What I see here is an attractive woman who either 1) has no confidence in yourself so you use your body to cover up your lack of confidence or 2) you are advertising for something other than the topic of your videos or 3) you are just plain trashy with no self respect. My personal guess would be the lack of self confidence. I learned a long time ago that you can be sexy without being half naked. All women like to hear compliments but you dress like you are fishing for them. It is so much nicer when the compliments come naturally and are honest and sincere and not coming from someone who is tripping over their tongue. When men (I should say MOST men) look at a woman who is putting herself on display as in this video they are thinking about just one thing; which is obvious by the comments that are posted here. And MOST men are going to ogle over a half naked woman regardless of her looks. You are an attractive woman but when you dress like you are advertising yourself it takes away from your good looks and makes you look desperate. I know this post isn’t going to change anything and that’s your prerogative. I probably won’t be watching anymore of them. That’s my prerogative. I watched this one because it popped up in my search results. I had no idea you were going to walk out in a bikini. Nope! Didn’t expect that! And I am pretty sure you won’t find too many men that will give you this same advice. So take care of yourself and I wish you lots of luck.

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