Easy Repair  Hollow Core Door Repair

Easy Repair Hollow Core Door Repair

May 21, 2018

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Easy DIY repair of hole in hollow core door. Looks like new. http://www.islandhandyman.ca

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  1. @maw8908 – yes – the way to do this right is the replace the whole door. But for 90% of people replacing the door themselves is not easy. Sure a new slab door costs $29 but have you ever tried hauling one home in a Civic (plus you got to haul away the old one)? If you can’t install it yourself your looking at $50 to $80 to have it installed.

    Filling it is an easy DIY for somebody.

  2. @Kalatos – sand it lightly. Use an oil based primer as the paint on the door may be oil or water based – do not use a water based primer (that is if the primer says it can be cleaned up using soap and water then it is water based). They may try to sell you a water based primer and claim it works well over oil based finishes but it will not. After you prime it you can use oil or latex paint.

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  3. You can fill the hole in 1 day, dry it with a heat gun in the same morning and then paint the door by the afternoon. It should take 2 days at absolute maximum

  4. Thumbs up for you! (my hubby wanted to change the door, in the house we are restoring, now I know how to tackle the job, will take the advice from a commentor below and use my heat gun )

  5. I was remodeling the bathrooms and damaged the door (4 x 8 inches). I didn’t see this video but did the same thing with plastic filler (should have gone for mud). After a few coats and sanding, painted the door with dark brown (coffee brown) paint. I ended up painting the master bath door as well just to make it uniform. Both doors now look pretty good. I saved some $$ by not changing the doors and saved the environment as well.

  6. Thank you. I have the same color door. What paint color did u use or can I get the list of items that you use including the finish touch (paint). Please n thank you

  7. is there anything else to match it other than primer or paint? maybe vanish would be a good idea after painting

  8. And now your left with a big white patch on your door. Would have preferred the dent, less obvious. Can somebody please upload a useful video on matching the colour after easy repair

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