Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar a how-to video

Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar a how-to video

May 1, 2018

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Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar a how-to video.

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Restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar. Clean headlights. Here are much sexier headlight cleaning videos!-http://youtu.be/_pr1F8mPR0U

74 Replies to “Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar a how-to video”

  1. I really wish auto manufacturers would go back to glass headlights. This seems to happen to a lot of cars these days.

    1. acs197 I went and ordered glass headlights for my 91 Silverado. Got tired of buffing plastic yellow lenses.

    1. Ha ha ha, funny! Thanks for watching till the end. Farmer uses a frog in his video mine is just me. Have you seen it?  http://youtu.be/_pr1F8mPR0U

  2. Nice … I just wonder why they don’t make the lenses out of GLASS instead of cheap PLASTIC !!!

    1. +bleepbleep1961  What? you mean like they used to? Aaaaah…technology and the advancements of the future. hahaha 🙂

    2. bleepbleep1961 …. Glass lights would quadruple the shipping cost … In from China (where they’d be made). Not kidding, hence the cheap labor worker plastic lights !!!!!

    1. Je vais le faire ,un coté avec du vinaigre et du bicarbonate et l’autre avec le bicarbonate et de l’eau ,pour voir la différence.

    1. It works in 10 seconds because the plastic is wet. I scrubbed and scrubbed mine and nothing. 😔

  3. I want to try it – cause my A6’s lenses are just yellow like prince Charles teeth , but every time I attempt something like this , it just flat out doesn’t work. Period.
    Like I have bought kits in the past for other cars , put a ton of “elbow grease ” in – nothing. Even for those scratches in the paint , I parked in the shade , waited until the car cooled off – applied let it dry.
    Buffed it off , nothing nada zilch , scratch.

    1. Turtle wax has a kit includes 4 grits of wet sand paper, polishing compound and a sealer about $10

  4. This actually works. I tried it tonight, and was shocked by the results. Thank you, Banshee Moon. You saved me lots of $$$, by doing it myself and following your instructions. I even applied the concoction to my wheels and it took off the oxidation and grime.

  5. Thanks – not only is it cheaper, but do-it-yourself stuff with basic ingredients is also just plain fun. We can quit paying for things like Windex, too. When the bottle is empty, replace with white vinegar & water, adding just a drop of whatever liquid soap you like – dish soap, shampoo or whatever. It’s actually the finest window-washing product I’ve ever used.

    While I doubt it makes a significant difference, just for full disclosure I’m using acidic water – but I’d use tap water if I didn’t have this lovely purifier that can also separate out the acidic from alkaline stream. 😉

    1. There is so much great use for baking soda and it’s natural, protecting our precious environment .
      It can even be used for bad odors in the refrigerators or sneakers and sport bags , as teeth -whitener (just once a week). To clean fat In the oven or burned food in the cooking pots, killing germs of tooth and hair brushes . Should be added to the bath water of humans and dogs, it’s great for the skin . One can even use it to cook, for beans and lentils … It can be used to clean everything In the bathroom as well as the toilet bowl , with just baking soda , vinegar and some natural liquid soap I clean everything just like my grand-mother did and It’s very cheap ,plus I feel good that I don’t pollute 150 gallons of water every day.

  6. you can use lots of things to do this so long as you finish with a superfine abrasive. I’ve even sifted wood ash and sprinkled it on a damp pad and gotten good results. Protecting the finished surface with clear coat or silicon based polish is critical. Why we need all this plastic junk is the big question. Gotta protect those oh, so delicate high tech bulbs in there. I love the old glass headlights in my F150-little dirty-just squirt them with some glass cleaner and done! Plastic is just planned obsolescence and extra expense.

    1. Right.A POLISH loaded with UV blocker is what you need.I did 3 coats once a year,mine never got yellow in the first place after 10 years on a 2001 Jetta parked in the desert.

  7. hmm I made a paste with lemon juice and baking soda to clean my tub it worked amazing. Wonder how well it would do for my headlights. Vinegar alone is as strong Windex maybe even stronger.

  8. Adding those compounds to create the reaction seen actually neutralizes the benefits either one gives. The reaction yields water, CO2 (bubbles) and sodium acetate, which really doesn’t have any cleaning properties. Any results you see are likely from an unbalanced reaction and therefore either excess vinegar or baking soda, or simply just the water. You’ll likely see the same results using just one or the other and that way none is being wasted.

    1. Agreed, it the grit from the baking soda NaH2CO3 that’s doing the work. Vinegar is a weak acid and baking soda is a weak base. they neutralize each other. Vinegar has a pH about 3- 4

  9. Glass headlights should never have been allowed, to leave the industry. They “were”the best.

    1. James Osekowsky. Safety??…how about rusted STEEL BRAKE LINES ??!.I personally have had 2 d ail on me…Stainless should be mandated

    2. plastic is lighter its all about dropping weight why do you think plastic bumper covers instead of steel

  10. Just got finished doing this to my headlamps. They are noticeably clearer, and to finish it off I waxed them because a comment below said that would help keep them clearer long. I am not expecting to never have to do this again, but I am expecting it to last for longer than 3 days. I will comment on this with an update in 3 days to say how clear they still are or earlier if they go back to being hazy.

    1. Yep. I was wondering about using the rock tumbler polishing abrasives in sequence. May have to rob some material from my wife’s rock tumbling workbench. I believe the polishing effect is from the baking soda in the vid.

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