AMAZING tips for rocket stove 50 YEAR OLD survival woman. Preppers concrete  block stove

AMAZING tips for rocket stove 50 YEAR OLD survival woman. Preppers concrete block stove

May 1, 2018

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AMAZING tips for rocket stove. Jugs of water on hand for survival for outdoor cooking. Preppers love these. Even though they are not portable, they are great for your bugout. The concept is that you are able to cook and boil water with just a few twigs and small branches. So in cases where you have little or no fuel, these are excellent.

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40 Replies to “AMAZING tips for rocket stove 50 YEAR OLD survival woman. Preppers concrete block stove”

    1. Jeremy Adams
      Only when they are packed or fully covered in a tshirt or something. or else, if you ever notice the texture and quality carefully, you will remove the j from that word……….. 😲 😱

  1. Concrete block cannot explode they may crack after extended use with high heat .That’s why they use them for firestops in construction.

  2. hey boss i barely saw any jugs up in this video. i think you need to make another primarily focused on these amazing jugs. different brands have different shapes and containers, im really interested in seeing the ones you handle in detail. much thanx. -bill

  3. great way to cook spread the word on rocket stove I use my bbq grill or my rocket stove with wood only good cooking for free nice video cheers

    1. Hahahaha well when I was 26 I said that’s it I stay this age forever! Lol Thank you Bruce you are sweet!

  4. A very smart man keeps a women in great shape and staying very beautiful. So when TSHTF he can sell her for needed goods just like a horse! ; )

    1. Hay its what men did in ancient times this is also why they had more then one wife. So they could sell one or more women to get goods they needed. Smart men keep their women in shape and beautiful cuz they know they may needs to sell them some time down the road after a collapse and things go tribal.

    2. Lmao unfortunately those times r gone and a smart women stays in shape looking like that cause it gives them the power. I guarentee he doesnt know the word no anymore cause she can upgrade at anytime all he can do is downgrade lol.

  5. Hey man thanks for the reply that’s so cool I watch your channel from zimbabwe in Africa. Tell the exo man I said good work

  6. Yall need to design a thermal electrical rocket stove using nintinol and graphite that spark gaps high frequency electricity uding high heat ceramics to cause thick heating elements to glow red hot all by using a small amount of biomass to gets the thermal electrical system up and running. Hay you could even incorporate a wireless charging system to be able to charge up electronics or operate electronics. Using refined crystal structures to generate electricity and heat without consuming fuel and producing toxins after its been turned on with a small burn of biomass that will operate till the thermal electrical system is turned off. Hay you could have your amazing gal pal to model and market it. You could even design it to be able to start up off a 12 volt battery to heat it up then remove the jumper cables and the stove will be a regenerative heat source. ; )

    1. I was just throwing yall a bone seems like yall could use a fresh idea on how to make a valuable tool in a SHTF senerio. It does take a little more brain power then a grey alien on a ufo lookings to probes some folks yet i did break it down for y’all. ; )

    2. A rocket stove that consumes a small amount of biomass to start a thermal electric generator that then powers itsef? NINTINOL graphite thermal electric generation tungsten spark gap high frequency electricity high heat super conductor ceramic that heats elements in titanium pipes to glow red hot. A regenerative system to cook heat and generate even more electrical power if constructed to do so. It really is not rocket science.

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