24HrLockouts  How to Pick a Garage Door

24HrLockouts How to Pick a Garage Door

May 1, 2018

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How to unlock a closed garage door by pulling the emergency cord from outside.

12 Replies to “24HrLockouts How to Pick a Garage Door”

  1. I did all of this.. I pulled the red handle out and even outside of the door and it wont open…!!! πŸ™

    1. Broken spring? Also, there are electric deadbolts which people can install. This won’t work on those.

    1. There is actually a lever up by the rail. It’d be harder to get but if you can feel the door opener railing, then pull toward you, you’ll probably be able to catch the lever on the trolley and pop it open.

    2. l337pwnage thanks. But he said the lever was broken off. I ended up doing the job and stuck my phone in and saw the red cable was there after being told from their door guy it was broken off. It was a tiny gap smallest I’ve ever seen but doing it your way 45 mins later I was in. Thanks.
      I use the pump to lift doors when installing. Very handy.

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